Structural Repair

Camacho Hardwood Flooring is an acknowledged leader in the structural inspection and evaluation of existing timber framing systems. We offer all phases of the repair and code upgrade process for timber structures. Our complete service package includes the initial inspection, structural analysis, repair and building code upgrade design and drawings, and the implementation of required structural repairs and upgrades. 

Heavy Timber and Glulam Trusses Offer Four Primary Benefits: 

  1. Heavy loads can be hung from the trusses with a multitude of connections to allow for flexibility in productions that require suspension.
  2. Wood has much better acoustic properties than steel which help dilute echoing in large spaces as well as cancel out exterior noises such as a barking dog or a passing truck on the street, which can disrupt filming and production. 
  3. Large Glulam and Timber Trusses are easier to transport than traditional large spanning steel trusses. Glulam Trusses are shipped partially assembled allowing for quicker field assembly and quicker lead times. 

Wood is our most renewable building material available. It provides a natural aesthetic appeal and warm feel.


There are many red flags for an unsteady foundation in your building. Varying elevations, cracks along the foundation, and damaged walls can all signal issues with your foundation.


These walls essentially hold up your roof, forming a strong link between the foundation and the rest of the house. Bowing, cracking, and sagging can represent areas of unsteady load-bearing walls. 


A sagging floor can pose a risk to the structure of a room and even a danger to the rest of the home’s occupants. Inspecting these areas can protect you from many unforeseen issues.


At the top of your building, the roof acts as the first defense against outside elements such as rain or even trees. Damaged areas of your roof can pose a danger to occupants because they’re less sturdy and having a higher chance of structural failure.

Camacho Structural Repair

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